password and some other problems

Hongwei Li hongwei at
Tue Jan 13 16:27:46 GMT 1998


I have some problems (or questions) about samba and WinNT.  We have 4 Unix
machines: a Linux (running samba 1.9.17p4), two IBM RS/6000 (running samba
1.9.16p9), and a Sun Spark (running samba 1.9.16p9).  Basically, they are
running well except the following problems (questions):

1. After upgrading the samba from 1.9.16p9 to 1.9.17p4 on the Linux machine
(kernel 2.0.30), I can not set “security=user” anymore. Users always get
error message “Invalid password” when they try to mount network drive, even
as root (I tried it).  Then, I try to set “security=server” and “password
server = our NT server”, then it works!  We did not have this problem
before, and still don’t have this problem with samba 1.9.16p9 on other 3
machines.  Can anybody tell me why?  I saw a similar problem from several
other posts.

2. This is not a problem, but just a very inconvenient feature that I hope
somebody can help me. Windows 95  and Windows 3.11 users can mount all samba
drives automatically when they log on their windows.  However, Windows NT
4.0 users have to type password for EVERY DRIVE ON EACH SAMBA SERVER
manually.  Since we have 4 Unix machines, they have to type their password 4
times whenever they log on.  They feel very unhappy and I can not help them.
Can somebody tell me if it is possible to “simplify the log on procedure”?

3. I remember somebody mentioned “password map” between samba servers (UNIX
machines) and Windows NT server (4.0), i.e. if a user changes his password
on a UNIX machine, he does not have to change his password on NT server to
the same one as on the UNIX machine.  In other words, a user can have 5
different password on our NT server and 4 UNIX machines, and change them in
any way he likes.  Can somebody tell me how to do this?

I appreciate all the help!

Hongwei Li

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