Long directory name creation timeout ?

Philippe GUILLEMETTE philippe.guillemette at wavecom.fr
Tue Jan 13 14:56:06 GMT 1998


	I have a 120 PC netwaork at work and I'm using samba 1.9.17p4 on a linux 2.0.32. Previously, I was using 
Netware 4.10 and I plan to replace it step by step by Linux/Samba (I have Unix and W95 clients).

	All samba shares either on a local or on a remote machine are working perfectly fine. But I also have some share
on some directories exported by the netware server (in NFS mode,of course). When I try to create a directory vi explorer with a long name on those directories, I'v got an error saying that the newly created dir is not available. 
	For 20 seconds, with explorer, I cannot ChangeDir to it. After 20 seconds, everything si ok. When I set the 
related debug levels in Samba, I see that every change dir made by explorer fails within 20 seconds afterwhat everything is
ok. Unfortunaterly, this doesn't give me more informations ...

	I tried to change a lot of stuff in smb.conf, without success. Of course, I guess the problem is on the netware side, 
but the thing is I never experienced this with other clients, using long directory names on a NFS exported netware directory.

	Thanks for your help

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