Password problems in 1.9.18

Bond, Jeffery Jeff.Bond at
Mon Jan 12 15:30:15 GMT 1998

Hi chaps,

I have just upgraded my FreeBSD 2.2.2 system from 1.9.17p4 to 1.9.18.
Compilation went without a hitch. I can still browse the shares, but all the
shares except the [homes] share prompt me for a password, which always
fails. The client is running Win95b and I am using share level security.

In the smb.conf, the each share uses a 'force user = <username>', and 'only
user = yes'. The <username> account has a null password in the /etc/passwd
file, and logging in as this user confirms this. I also have 'null passwords
= yes' in the global section of smb.conf. Security is not an issue here
because this is a home network with just a few machines. It is strange that
the [homes] share still works, because this also has a null password.

I used the default compile options for FreeBSD, and also tried adding
-DBSD44 as suggested in the makefile. This made no difference.

This all used to work fine under 1.9.17p4 and earlier, with the same
smb.conf file. Has anybody got any clues?

Thanks for any help,

Jeff Bond.

Jeffery Bond
<mailto:jeffbond at>

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