Win95 Network Printing and Shutdown Crash

Farthew Higgins III higgins at
Mon Jan 12 16:32:56 GMT 1998

I am new to samba, linux, this list, and basically all things computer
related.  I somehow managed to land myself this job for which I am not
really qualified, so please forgive me if I unintentionally breech
protocol.  Despite my lack of experience with computers, I have been
scouring whatever documentation I could get my hands on for two weeks now
to try to solve these problems myself.  I have made some progress, but
believe I am stuck. If I am overlooking something obvious, it is not due
to a lack of effort.  I have two questions and would be greatful for any
degree of help with either.

I am running six groups or so of computers in different locations, all on
the same network, with one linux box running samba.  Each group of
computers has its own printer.  Linux is RedHat distribution 4.0 and samba
is 1.9.17p4.  I recently have taken advantage of the relatively new
functionality of samba to enable domain logons and roving profiles. 
Unfortunately, in order to do this, user-level access in the Win95 clients
had to be enabled.  When I enabled user-level access, the network printing
got all fouled up because the Win95 computers with printers were suddenly
expecting a list of users who could be granted permission to use the
shared resource (ie printer), which, not having an NT server, does not not
exist.  Because the list does not exist, no users can be granted
permission and thus no computers can print unless they have a printer
directly attached. I have searched the Samba digest archives somewhat
extensively, and while I have found much helpful information and many
answers to questions that I had, I did not find anything relating to this
particular problem.  Similarly, I have had no luck with the Win95 resource
kit help file or the doc files which came with samba.  I realize that
Samba does not support the 'user permissions list' functionality of NT,
and that therefore this may not be a completely relevant topic for this
list, but does anybody have any suggestions?

My second question pertains also to domain logons.  More often than not,
when a user logs out of a computer, the computer hangs.  I found quite a
bit of discussion on this topic from a month or two ago in the archives.
However, it seemed as though the problem was found and rectified for the
1.9.17p4 release, which I believe is what I am running.  I am definitely
experiencing a crash when I try to log out.  Is it possible that I
compiled the new version incorrectly?  Has anyone else experienced this
problem due to other reasons, such as improper smb.conf settings?  Again,
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, I would just like to take a moment to thank the Samba Team.  The
volume of competative, useful freeware which is available as an
alternative to organizations, such as the one that I work for, who could
not afford commercial equivalents, never fails to amaze me.  Thank you
very much for your hard work.


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