Trouble with Samba, SCO & HP Jet Direct

Geza Makay makayg at
Fri Jan 9 06:50:58 GMT 1998

>I've just installed an HP Jet Direct Network Print Server and configured
>our SCO 5.0.2 box to print to it.  I can send anything to it as long it's
>from the Unix side.  Then I configured Samba to share the printer and tried
>sending a test page from one of the NT workstations but nothing came out
>and I could find no error messages in the log files (even at debug level
>9)!  The log file just had a "Running the command `lp -c -onobanner -dlp3
>/tmp/smb.spool/OPALEX.a000Ra; rm /tm
>p/smb.spool/OPALEX.a000Ra' gave 0" message in it.  I assume that the exit
>code of zero means that it thought everything went OK.  Smbrun is in it's
>proper place in /usr/local/samba/bin and the permissions look right
>(rwxr-xr-x root sys), the lp command has the '-c' in it so that shouldn't
>be a factor.  Also, there is another printer being shared by Samba that is
>connected to the system's LPT port and I can print test pages to it just
>fine.  So as far as I can see this is some kind of a problem between the
>Jet Direct stuff and Samba.  Anyone have any ideas?  I could really use
>some help with this one.

There are two things that are usually referred to as "HP Jet Direct Network
Print Server". The first is the hardware in the printer that connects the
printer to the network, the other is the software for Windows and/or Unix
that uses this hardware interface to communicate with the printer.
We have the same setup here and I tell you how it works here. Set up your
printer on the control panel to use only TCP/IP (unless you have another
network as well, but why should you, when you have Samba???) and set up the
IP address, network mask, etc. (or, as we did here, to boot from the Samba
server via bootp). Connect the printer directly to the network, and do not
connect it to any of the machines. On the SCO start scoadmin and under
Printers you can set up you printer using "HP Network Printer Manager"
(that is why you do not need the Jet Direct software). After this setup you
should be able to print from Unix. Then simply share this printer via Samba
as if it were connected directly to the Samba server. Then install the
driver to any of the Samba clients and that is it.

I hope this helps,


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