broken icons in win95

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Fri Jan 9 06:20:18 GMT 1998

I think I have found a bug in 1.9.18 (maybe other versions)

it has to do with mangled icons(standard exe icons under windows 95 from a
samba server)

I have two machines 
both 1.9.18 linux 2.0.32

on one machine I have no icon troubles - everything is just fine. icons show
up properly in shortcuts and executables.

on the other machine the icons of programs end up being the standard windows
executable icon.

I checked all ownerships and sharing options and made sure they were
identical for both machines. they were.

So I changed the one option thing where the second machine differed from the
first machine.
I set security = user on the second machine and the icons work fine.

I set security = server on the same machine and the icons break.

I don't know why this would effect the icons but I think this would fall in
the category of a bug.,
albeit not a serious one but a bug nevertheless.

If anyone can figure out a quick patch I would be very appreciative.


Seth Vidal

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