Just an idea...

TAJTHY Tamas tajthy at mail.euroweb.hu
Thu Jan 8 19:03:15 GMT 1998

Dear List!

I have an idea. Maybe good or not so...

It would be nice if compressed files could be used thru samba. It could be 
a new item in the smb.conf share names to state the share contains 
compressed file. In the specific dir there would be a file stating the 
original file sizes and all the compressed (e.g. gzip'd or any other 
compressor set in the smb.conf) files. 

If a read request occurs the smbd uncomress the file to /tmp (or a given 
path) and serve the request from this temporary file. After the request 
this file could be removed (or cahced for the next read and removed if too 
many files are open such way...)

If a write it worx the same as the prev. dest, but if the file size 
changes it updates the file size info file. After closing the file the 
file could be compressed again and replace the original file.

Would it be too hard? What would be the problems??? Is it suggested by the 
samba GURUs? Would anyone be interested in such a feature??? Any ideas 
about it?

If nothing agains this I could try to add... Maybe...

TIA && bye From:, the slowhand

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