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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Thu Jan 8 20:38:42 GMT 1998


we're considering some abstraction in the server side, such that
"processing" modules can be added in.  for example, file compression, as
you say.


On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, TAJTHY Tamas wrote:

> Dear List!
> I have an idea. Maybe good or not so...
> It would be nice if compressed files could be used thru samba. It could be 
> a new item in the smb.conf share names to state the share contains 
> compressed file. In the specific dir there would be a file stating the 
> original file sizes and all the compressed (e.g. gzip'd or any other 
> compressor set in the smb.conf) files. 
> If a read request occurs the smbd uncomress the file to /tmp (or a given 
> path) and serve the request from this temporary file. After the request 
> this file could be removed (or cahced for the next read and removed if too 
> many files are open such way...)
> If a write it worx the same as the prev. dest, but if the file size 
> changes it updates the file size info file. After closing the file the 
> file could be compressed again and replace the original file.
> Would it be too hard? What would be the problems??? Is it suggested by the 
> samba GURUs? Would anyone be interested in such a feature??? Any ideas 
> about it?
> If nothing agains this I could try to add... Maybe...
> TIA && bye From:, the slowhand

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