Server printer drivers?

Herb Lewis herb at
Thu Jan 8 05:52:21 GMT 1998

What will now happen if you enable this as described in the
PRINTER_DRIVER.txt is this.

1. On Win95 client you select add printer and select a samba printer
2. Samba automaticall supplies the correct driver to Win95 (you
   no longer need to install the driver yourself).

Dave Wreski wrote:
> Hi all.  With the release of 1.9.18, I had a few questions.  The announce
> said this:
> Samba also provides automatic downloading of printer drivers for
> Microsoft Windows 95 (tm) clients, allowing it to completely replace
> Microsoft Windows NT servers for both file and printer services.
> I don't understand what this means.  I have never had a problem installing
> the printer driver on the client, and just sending the raw data thru to
> the printer.  Isn't this how its intended to be done?
> Thanks,
> Dave

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