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Chuck Carson chuck at
Wed Jan 7 01:16:19 GMT 1998

Has anyone encountered the error, "Network is busy" when trying to connect
to a Samba share from a Win95 machine? This problem started when I added a
second adapter to an IBM G30 running AIX. My WinNT machines connect fine
without a problem. I have tried nearly every Smit installable Samba package
as well as compiling the three most recent versions and the error is present
with all of them. At this point I am certain it must be a bug within the SMB
protocol for my particular network setup. Does anyone have even a remote
idea as to the cause of this mind-confuction? If I listed everything I have
tried it would take 30 minutes to download this email. =)

Here is a brief run-down of our network:

A token ring consisting of:
win95 ver A machines
win95 ver B machines
Win NT 4.0 wkstns
A few Crackintoshes

This token ring routes accross an ATM backbone into an ethernet which is
where the G30 sits.
The G30 has an ethernet and token ring adapter.

The ethernet leads to a hub and onto an Advantis, and I must add, HIDEOUS
T-1 circuit (this is on a university network and all commercial traffic
cannot use the backbone)

Thus, I install the second adapter, the token ring, to allow the staff
members a local route to the G30 accross the campus backbone because the lag
on Advantis is ungodly. (15 - 20% packet loss on a good day)
The token ring routes out onto the ATM backbone (three hops from the
machines in question)

I believe the dual adapter configuration is confusing the win95 client. I
have tried the "interfaces" config options in smb.conf with both, and each
one by itself. I have specified each of the ip address in the win95 LMHOSTS
file. I also tried using that ZANNET SMB package and received the same
error. I know what you are thinking, slap WinNT on the 95 cracker-jack
boxes. I wanted to, but we require some god forsaken 16 bit publishing
software that will not run under NT. Ahhh, the world of Microsoft.

Thanks for any help in advance,

Stressed to hell,

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