cross subnet browsing

John E Hein jhein at
Fri Feb 27 18:54:39 GMT 1998

It seems to be working for us now.  I have the following relevant
 settings in the [global] section of smb.conf ...

   remote announce =
   workgroup = ENGINEER
   wins support = no
   wins server =
   domain master = yes
   local master = yes
   preferred master = yes
;   os level = 0 don't want Samba to win master browser elections
;   os level = 2 should allow samba to be the Master Browser
;                  over even local 95 and NT machines (see BROWSING.txt)
;   os level = 33 should allow samba to be the Master Browser
;                  over even NTAS (which uses 32; see BROWSING.txt)
   os level = 33

I'm not sure if the 'remote announce' is necessary if all our
 PCs are pointing to the correct WINS server (
 in their WINS configuration (I believe most, if not all do
 refer to the correct address WINS server).

But I'm hesitant to take it out since it's working now, and it
 did not seem to work well without it.  I have no control
 over our NTAS WINS server, so it's possible that it was not
 keeping track of master browsers correctly when I originally
 wrote this email (maybe it still doesn't, but that machine
 is in a different group here at our work, so it's hard for me to tell).

In any case, in theory the above settings should work for you
 WITHOUT the 'remote announce' line above if you have a working
 WINS server (change it to the correct IP address
 for your organization).  That is, you should be able to browse
 a workgroup from a PC and see hosts from more than just your
 local subnet.

Another issue I considered when I was having problems was the amount
 of time it took to resolve elections and update browse lists and so
 on.  When I was experimenting, I may have been changing smb.conf
 and restarting nmbd too frequently.  You may want to give it
 10 minutes to settle between changes.

Does anyone have a good idea how long things like that (elections,
 browse list updates, etc.) might take?  How long should I have
 to wait to decide that a certain smb.conf setup works or does not
 work with respect to network browsing?

Wajihuddin Ahmed wrote at 18:45 +0500 on Feb 23:
 > Hi:
 > Did you find a solution to your problem?  If so i'll be interested in
 > it.
 > Thx
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 > ohn E Hein (jhein at
 > Sat, 20 Dec 1997 05:14:31 +1100 
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 > I have 2 subnets.  Subnet 1 has an NT WINS server.  Subnet 2 has a
 > Samba
 >  server acting as domain master browser and local master browser
 >  for a workgroup.
 > If I view the network neighborhood from a Win 95 PC on Subnet 1
 >  (call it PC_A), I can see all the hosts in the workgroup on both
 > subnets.
 > If I view the network neighborhood from a Win 95 PC on Subnet 2
 >  (call it PC_B), I cannot see PC_A.  I CAN 'map a network drive' on
 > PC_B
 >  for a directory that has been shared by PC_A.
 > Both PCs are in the same workgroup (which happens to be the same
 >  workgroup as the Samba server).
 > What might be the reason(s) that I can map a network drive of
 >  a PC, but cannot see it in the network neighborhood?
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