Linux client and NT4.0 server

Walter, Chris G Chris.Walter at
Thu Feb 26 21:59:43 GMT 1998


I am running Linux on RedHat 5.0 and Samba 1.9.18p2 to wish to connect
to an NT 4.0 server running NT LAN Manager 4.0.

I have gone through the documentation and can still not get
smbmount nor smbclient to work.

I cannot get smbclient -L to give me a listing of the shares on the
I DO get a browser list, but no shares.  I only have partial access to
the server and must go thru the system administrator, with thier help, I
have found out that the shares are listed as D$ ( I assume that means
the D drive).  This share does not show up on the listing from:

smbclient -L data-sar-01               (data-sar-01) is the server name)

smbmount simply complains about an incorrect command to mount and dies,
so I had hoped to use smbclient to debug it.

Is it even possible to use samba as a client to NT 4.0?
Does the server need to be configured to allow samba to communitate with


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