Wrong date/time over smbfs

Charlie Brady cbrady at ind.tansu.com.au
Fri Feb 27 00:50:16 GMT 1998

On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, Bart Haezeleer wrote:

> In the past I wrote some small perl scripts to backup our Windows clients
> via a special file on the clients that give the directory/files that need to be
> backed up. In short I mount the windows share with smbmount and I create a
> tgz-file
> on a JAZ mounted as vfat. The weekly backups are all the files specified in
> the file, that's correct.
> The daily backups doesn't backup only the changed files, but all the files.
> (Weekly=Daily)
> After a crash I did reinstall the server, but I probably used in the past
> not the same version of smbmount.
> (version 2.0.2)
> Is this a know general problem ? I hope that someone can help , because I
> need the space on the JAZ.
> I use the following tar-commandline :
> tar cvzNf '2/26/98 19:00' /jaz/backups/daily/pc01/pc01c_5.tgz

Rather than use smbfs, it will probably be more reliable for you to use
the tar command of smbclient to do what you want.

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