Wrong date/time over smbfs

Bart Haezeleer ping0621 at ping.be
Thu Feb 26 21:14:28 GMT 1998

In the past I wrote some small perl scripts to backup our Windows clients
via a special file on the clients that give the directory/files that need to be
backed up. In short I mount the windows share with smbmount and I create a
on a JAZ mounted as vfat. The weekly backups are all the files specified in
the file, that's correct.
The daily backups doesn't backup only the changed files, but all the files.
After a crash I did reinstall the server, but I probably used in the past
not the same version of smbmount.
(version 2.0.2)

Is this a know general problem ? I hope that someone can help , because I
need the space on the JAZ.

I use the following tar-commandline :
tar cvzNf '2/26/98 19:00' /jaz/backups/daily/pc01/pc01c_5.tgz

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