Samba Server Memory Requirements

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Feb 24 14:05:05 GMT 1998

> Does anyone know what the server memory requirements are for a Samba
> process?  Is it determined by the size of a share or some other 
> factors?
> The reason I am asking is because I need to determine if an Ultra Sparc
> 1 has enough memory to serve 200+ clients.  Currently we have 128Mb of
> memory.
> Any comments would be appreciated.

There is one smbd process per user connected ( not per share ).  Total
size is ~2Mb total including swap ( ~1Mb working set ).

I am running about 100 client ( ~one-half connected simultaneously ) on
a Sparc Ultra Enterprise 1 w/6Mb RAM with no problems.  Also running ~50
simultaneous connections on a dual 50MHz Sparc 10 with 128 Mb RAM with
no problems.

Are all 200 connecting concurrently?  Experience has shown here that one
faculty desktops, only about one-half on the client are currently
connected at a time.  You may want to look at the 'dead time' parameter
in smb.conf if there will be a lot of idle time on the client side.

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