Shared Registry problem

Michel Applaincourt Michel.Applaincourt at
Mon Feb 23 10:35:00 GMT 1998


I have to following problem :

I have multiple win95 computer configured such that the user profile is on
the samba server.
I made one general account that multiple users can access simultaneously.
It is configured such that the profile is never saved at end of the

I had the problem that the user.dat part of the profile has to be accessed
in write mode (if not : dialog box telling registry had problem, and have
to restore from the backup). Ok i solved it by preventing those users
using regedit.

The problem is now that they are accessing user.dat simultaneously, so
trying to write it too. If samba locked the file, win95 says the same
thing (problem with registry, try to restore thye backup).

How can I prevent this?

Other problem : is there a way to prevent users to reboot win95 in MS-DOS
mode, without preventing them to use DOS windows...
Because if they boot in dos, they can access regedit and so mess up


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