Disk free error with big disks (>2Gb?)

Tim Winders twinders at SPC.cc.tx.us
Thu Feb 19 22:13:07 GMT 1998

This is a Win95 issue.  It will show you the same thing on a WinNT server
or a Netware server running the MS Client.  If you run Netware Client 32
it will show you the correct value, but you are stuck for Samba and NT

On Fri, 20 Feb 1998 marchino at tin.it wrote:

> Hi everybody!
> I've installed Samba 1.9.18p2 on a Linux box using kernel version
> 2.0.33. This box has two 6.5Gb EIDE disks installed, shared to 10 
> Windows 95 clients. Asking for disk free on any Win95 gives incorrect 
> response, about bytes, all free. 
> It seems that the maximum available number for disks capacity is 2^31 
> (signed long value?), so larger disks are treated as 2Gb volumes.
> I've tried to change the dfree program into our smb.conf, but the 
> result is the same. I think the problem is coming from the linux box, 
> because we have a Novell server in the same network with a 3.5 Gb 
> disk and Windows 95 gives on this disk the correct statistics.
> Does Anybody have any clue?
> Bye,
> marchino at tin.it
> marchino
> ----------------------------------
> (5)......<CTRL>......what a mess!!

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