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Hi Paul,
I recently installed Samba and promptly stumbled over the NT 4.0sp3
problem. Of course, being mainly a Unix Guy (TM), I didn't even
that the sole difference between the machines I could connect from and
I could not connect from was sp3 being present or not. (We have just
installing sp3 throughout our net.)
After mucking around for an hour or so, I checked the FAQ, and found the
solution in 3.8. However, the link to the MS Knowledge base has gone
I have not been able to access the page, or even
Netscape 3.01 on sparc-sun-sunos4.1.3 dumps core, and even MS IE somehow
into an infinite redirect loop and chokes.
As the file WinNT.txt contains all information necessary to fix the
at least with samba-1.9.18p2, I suggest to augment or even replace the
link with one to this file.
Anyway, I think Samba is great and a Very Good Thing To Have (TM).
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"I'm a mechanic, not a doctor." Volker Borchert  <bt at>

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