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Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Sat Feb 14 04:05:44 GMT 1998

At 12:33 14-02-98 +1100, Claire Johnson wrote:
>We're trying to connect a UNIX server to an NT server, so that it mounts a 
>directory from the NT server on startup.  Is it possible to do this so that 
>smbclient does not have to be run from the command line?
>Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

That depends on the Unix flavor. On Linux, it is possible because of the
smbfs support built into the kernel. This makes smbmount work. In
commercial Unices, where you generally do NOT have the sources for the
kernel, it is not possible until you vendor adds smbfs support. FYI, smbfs
is the smb filesystem.
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