Bug: 1.9.17p5 Changing directoryname

Ruud Huynen rhn at orcom.ch
Thu Feb 12 09:14:39 GMT 1998

I have sent the following message about 2 weeks ago to samba-bugs.
Till now a didn't recieve a message that my problem is reproducable.

This is the problem:
When I have a directory e.g. 'customer' and rename it to 'Customer', I can descend into this directory, but no files/directories are displayed.
When the name I want to change is only 1 character, e.g. 'a' and rename it to 'A' everything functions.
Also when the name I rename changes in the first character, e.g. 'Aaa' to 'Baa' it works.

I have the following settings:
;       mangled names = no
        mangle case = no
        case sensitive = no
        default case = lower
        preserve case = yes
        short preserve case = yes
        character set = iso8859-1
        client code page = 850

I tested this on AIX (gcc without -O), HPUX and SCO. The samba release is 1.9.17p5.

Can somebody reproduce this problem?

Ruud Huynen   rhn at orcom.ch
ORCOM Systems AG
Tel. +41 61 976 33 33
Fax. +41 61 971 54 71

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