samba as NT domain controller

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Feb 11 20:59:39 GMT 1998

> The docs (DOMAIN.txt) says that domain support is currently in 
> the experimental stage for WinNT.  
> Does that mean that the logon scripts problem I've mentioned
> just plain don't work with NT4.0?  I've had logon scripts working 
> with Win95 (flawlessly, as a matter of fact :)
> The symptom that I've found that led me to believe that Samba 
> can't service NT clients as a DC was that NT complained that it 
> couldn't find a DC when I tried to set the domain under the 
> Identification tab 'Member of:' edit box.

The PDC support in samba is being developed along a separate branch
now.  See for instraunctions on getting
the latest BRANCH_NTDOM code.

Read the docs/NTDOMAIN.txt file and follow the directions there.

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