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Wed Feb 11 21:47:32 GMT 1998


On the project that I work on, we are using Samba here to allow Win95/NT PCs
to map directories on our Sun Solaris machines to gain access to available
disk space and run PC applications whose databases or data files reside on
those Suns. Essentially, our project is using this in a manner similar to the
way in which we had been using NFS for this task previously. So far, that has
gone pretty well.

However, I now have the need to map another drive; but I would like to have
this connection authenticated under a different username/password pair other
than the one normally associated with the other drive mappings on a Win 95/NT
PC. In other words, a username/password pair different from my Unix
userid/password pair. The usernames on our Win95/NT PCs typically match what
is on the Unix machines (in fact it's a company standard for all the machines
at our site). Is there a convenient method for doing this? Or possibly a
setting for the smb.conf that I am overlooking??

I have been struggling with this one for days now; however, I can't ascertain
what to do. I have read through the FAQs and most of the documents in the docs
subdirectory of the samba distribution. I have tried experimenting with
various combinations of parameters like (security = user, valid users = <new
Unix username>, force user, revalidate). Nothing seems to work correctly for
doing this. I guess I am just trying to do something similar to what our PC
NFS packages will allow us to do. 

Here is hopefully the relevant information about the samba server:

  Version: Samba 1.19.8p2
  Os that Samba is running under: Sun Solaris 2.3

Our Win95 PCs are a mixture of OSR 1 and 2, if that makes a difference.

Any information, assistance, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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