RESOLVED - Browsing on multi-homed hos

Dieter Rothacker didi at
Sun Feb 8 23:50:02 GMT 1998

Steve Williams wrote:
> Route Tree for Protocol Family 2:
> default       UG          1    17204  en0
> 127              U           4     8617  lo0
> 192.168.0        U          39   368887  en0
>      UH          1      248  pp0
> After much reading about the protocols & such, it appeared to me that the
> problem HAD to be with broadcasts on the PPP link.  But broadcasts HAVE to
> work if the actual network is working.  Right???
> BONGGGG, wrong answer.  On this OS ( Aix 4.2.0 ), it won't route the
> broadcast packet with the routing table above.


here is my view of things (although I am no network professional):
it DOES actually route it, but to the wrong destination.

The broadcast on pp-link's net would be I assume
(you did not specify the netmask). does not match this, so the next possible route is used,
and that is:
> 192.168.0        U          39   368887  en0

Why ? is the net containing all 192.168.x.y adresses with being the ONLY exception. So all broadcasts are sent
through "en0".

The added route creates another exception for the net,
and so the broadcast is routed correctly.

Does this make sense to you ?
Dieter Rothacker, student of computer sciences

There is more than one way to do it...
and the other ones are always better !

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