Printing From Windows 95

infoseek at infoseek at
Wed Feb 4 22:08:07 GMT 1998

Hello all Samba Gurus - We have a small network here where we share files to 
Win95 clients from Solaris 2.5.1 boxes (all are Ultra 1's).  File Sharing is 
fine, printing works great but ...

We can not print multiple copies of anything.  No matter what we try.  I am 
running Version 1.9.17p4.
Is there something that I need to stick in the smb.conf to allow multiple copy 
printing from win95?  The smb.conf right now is set for printing = sysv taking 
the defaults (which work for us).

When I look at the request that is queued up it always states (on the solaris 
side) that number of copies is 1.

any help much appreciated.
ps - if you could respond to me directly that would be great - I am not sure 
if I am signed up to the list correctly yet and would hate to miss a response. 

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