Encrypted passwords and OS2/Win95/Win98

Benjamin Scott bscott at hamptonsys.com
Wed Dec 30 15:01:27 GMT 1998

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Steve Snyder wrote:
> If I reconfigure Samba to use encrypted passwords, won't that effectively
> disabling logging into the shares from Win95 and OS/2?

  I am not sure (have not tried), but I believe clients that do not support
encrypted passwords will still connect to Samba without problems.  Problems
occur with clients which insist on using encrypted passwords.

> Is there a way to force Win98 to use plain-text passwords?

  Yes.  In fact, somewhere on the Win98 CD, there is a registry patch (.REG
file) that does just that.  It is buried under "Resource Kit" or something
like that.

> Is there a way to force Win95 and OS/2 to use encrypted passwords?

  I do not believe the OS/2 client supports encrypted passwords at all.  I
think some (maybe all) versions of Win95 do.  See ENCRYPTION.txt in the Samba
docs directory for the gory details.  :)

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