Encrypted passwords and OS2/Win95/Win98

Florian G. Pflug fgp at fgp.priv.at
Wed Dec 30 19:37:59 GMT 1998

>   I am not sure (have not tried), but I believe clients that do not support
> encrypted passwords will still connect to Samba without problems.  Problems
> occur with clients which insist on using encrypted passwords.
Hi .. I think, samba checks clear-text logins against /etc/passwd , and
encrypted logins agains smbpasswd. It should be possible to have both at the
same time, but your have to be carefull not to get your passwords out of
sync (passswd chat, sync password, .. should help)

>   I do not believe the OS/2 client supports encrypted passwords at all.  I
> think some (maybe all) versions of Win95 do.  See ENCRYPTION.txt in the Samba
> docs directory for the gory details.  :)
win95(all versions), wfw3.11, nt(all version i think) support encrypted
passwords - I'm not sure about os/s

                                         greetings, Florian

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