Repost: Browsing across subnets (again)

Gary Stainburn gary.stainburn at
Thu Dec 17 09:06:58 GMT 1998

I'm sorry if people are getting fed up with my question, but I didn't get a response from the first post, and I didn't even see the second post appear in the summary.

Hi All,

this is probably a common problem and FAQ but I can't the solution.

I've got two subnets, at Leeds and at Doncaster.

At Leeds, I've got samba running as browse master and WINS server - workgroup LEEDS.  At Doncaster I've got samba running as browse master and WINS client - workgroup DONCASTER.
All PC's at all sites are WINS clients to the Leeds samba, and have the appropriate workgroup.

WINS is working fine with the Leeds PC holding WINS details for everyone, and the two browse masters are working fine, holding the browse details for their respective workgroup/subnets.

My problem is cross-subnet browsing.  On only one ocasion, on PC's at Doncaster, everything worked, I Dblclicked 'Entire Network', and got both workgroups listed, Dblclicked 'Leeds' and saw the Leeds workgroup.  This had never happened before, and has never happened since.  It's never worked the other way.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get it working properly - I'm adding another site soon and would like it sorting before then.


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