Wins on a router

Mike kazin at
Fri Dec 11 22:59:29 GMT 1998

	I've looked all over the archives, and I can't find the answer tot
	I have a machine called pendor, that's running my DNS, DHCPD,
WINS, and is my router between my ethernet and token-ring networks, as
well as my masquerading firewall/router to the dialup line.  Yep, this
machine does it all.
	I have this line in /etc/smb.conf:

interfaces =

	Where is the ethernet, and is the
token-ring.  In the machine, eth0 is ethernet, and eth1 is token-ring
(ignore the silly device name on the second one, blame Olicom)

	The problem is that browsing works only on the ethernet side of
things.  All machines point to pendor for their WINS server, but pendor
only acts as the WINS server for the FIRST interface listed in the config
file.  I did switch them, so I know it's not one of the subnets being bad
or anything.
	Is there a way to make Samba serve WINS on both subnets at the
same time?  I'd really like browsing to work right for the whole
network...  Or is there another way around it, even if it's by using
another machine on one side to act as the master browser of that subnet?

	Please reply to me directly as well as the list, I'm not on the
mailing list, I just check the archives.  I get too much mail as it is.

  Mike Stella                             Software / Systems Engineer            Thirteen Technologies, LLC

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