Writing to file resets owjner/group/mode

Marc Haber Marc.Haber-lists at gmx.de
Fri Dec 11 16:04:57 GMT 1998


This is my share:

| comment = Root-Partition
| path = /
| guest ok = no

I have a file called /etc/exim/config that is required to be owned by
mail.mail, mode 664. My user account is called mh and I am member of
the group mail. I'd like to edit that file via samba with an editor
that is running on my desktop Windows box.

Whenever I write to the file, it gets reset to mh.mh 744 which breaks
the mail system reading its configuration from that file. I suspect
this happens because the editor might be renaming the old file,
writing a new one and then deleting the old file.

Can this behaviour be controlled by configuring samba?

Any hints will be appreciated.


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