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DAN.HUSTON at asu.edu DAN.HUSTON at asu.edu
Fri Dec 11 18:44:05 GMT 1998

Hello Folks,

I have two machines in my workgroup (it is still in the development phase). 
One is an NT 4.0 server and the other is a Sun server running Samba (1.9.17p4,
so did not have to do the DES stuff). I am having trouble mounting a samba
share in NT.  I want to do this because the NT box has a tape backup and the
sun does not.  The tape drive does not show up as a drive that I could share,
else I would consider a different route. 

What I have done is created three major partitions on the sun that I want to
back up.  So I want the nt box to mount the shares and back them up.  They
won't mount (machine does not have access error).  I have set up encrypted
passwords so I did not edit the NT registry.  I can mount from a win95
machine so the install works.

I have read the faqs.  I bought books (and even read a large portion of them
:) ).  I cannot find the answer to what I need to do to get the NT to mount.
The samba box is the browser, master browser, proxy wins and dns, but not the
pdc.  The NT machine is still being configured and I would rather the Samba
box handle this anyways (I have control over the Samba box but share the NT

They are on different subnets.  Is this why the workgroup does not show the NT
box?  Can I alter the smb.conf to browse the other subnet?

What about using smbclient or smbtar to mount the share I created on the NT
box and then running the backup process on the sun (like tar) with the tar
file being created on the NT share.  Then NT could routinely back up those tar
files to the tape.  I thought about just creating the tar files on the sun and
then writing a script to ftp them over to the NT box, but there is not enough
file space on the sun to do this.


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