regutils-0.8: unix tools for w9x ini & registry manipulation

Michael Rendell michael at
Tue Dec 8 16:41:46 GMT 1998

This is to announce the release of regutils-0.8 - a package which
may be of use to samba administrators that serve windows 9x clients.
The following is edited from the README:

    Regutils is a collection of unix programs that can assist in the
    installation of windows 9x software on diskless clients served
    from unix/samba.  The idea is to take before and after snap shots
    of a diskful system and then look at what changed. The changes
    are modified to suite the diskless environment and applied to the
    server's directory tree. The programs in regutils can be used to
    identify, sort, modify and apply the changes.

    Other possible uses include using the bundled iniedit and regedit
    programs to customize the win.ini, system.dat, user.dat and config.pol
    when the client is about to boot or as a user logs in.

It is available from or
from .

Michael Rendell

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