Virtual CDROM for Unix?

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Mon Dec 7 17:31:12 GMT 1998

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> > Has anyone implemented a "virtual cdrom" facility as offered
> > on
> > windows?  That is CD images are cached & compressed on hard
> > disk and shared across a network.

> > It should not be hard to implement with Samba...
> I assume you are using Linux:
> ) To create an cd-image:
> dd if=/dev/scd0 of=/where/ever/cd.img (/dev/scd0 for 1st scsi-cdrom) 
> ) To mount that "virtual" cd 
> mount /where/ever/cd.img /my/virtual/cd -t iso9660 -o loop

That sound cool! I just copy the whole CD to a compressed ext2 partition on a 
Linux box shared by samba.

For the compressed ext2 filesys under Linux see:

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