Disappearing Icons

Kimmie Dicaire kdicaire at vic.com
Sat Dec 5 01:06:43 GMT 1998

Since switching from PCNFS to Samba we are experiencing Disappearing Icons
for applications.  When mapping to applications and icons on the Samba
server the icons (on some WIN95 machines) won't stick they revert to the
ugly blue & white generic WIN95 icon box.  There is no constant or common
ground which is a factor on which machine's will show the correct icon
verses those that show the incorrect icon.  As a troubleshooting tacktic I
created two identical machines from the ground up one showed the correct
icon the other won't.  Any ideas?

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Kimmie Dicaire                 
Co-Owner/System Admin
kdicaire at vic.com               
K&R Information Technologies   

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