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i don't think so. It's not a problem of Win 3.x. I've got the same problem
with Win95 and WinNT. I heard, this is a matter of some nic's. I tried a
couple of manufactures but the server isn't shown. I use the wins service on
all systems but it has no effect for the browselist. On my network at home i
can see (my own local) samba server. But at the corporate network i'm not
able to. May be because all servers use two nics. I don't matter above this
behavor. I can see the shares over the search option (Win95) or on WFWG via
entering only the desired server name in the connection box (don't append
any share name, use only \\SERVER. So you will see the shares).

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> Rudolf,
> thanks for your prompt reply. I'm running WfWG 3.11 and I've added
> TCP/IP-32. So far everything works fine, I can use the supplied FTP and
> TELNET tools, however I can't map any network drives - the server doesn't
> appear in the browse list (works for the Win95 machines on the same
> network). Could that possibly be some WINS problem (I've also enabled
> LMHOSTS and both the HOSTS and the NETWORK files on the WfWG machine
> contain info about the server's IP address...).
> Any idea what could be wrong?
> Thanks for your help anyway,
> Frank
> Glasgow Caledonian University
> Dept. of Engineering

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