Synchonisation between NIS and encrypted SMBPASSWD

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Fri Dec 4 21:42:57 GMT 1998


> that's exactly what I need aswell. The problem is that NIS-passwd
> commands require the old password, even when called by root which is not
> given by smbpasswd (you can use %o in your chat script but it never gets
> transmitted).
> We already tried to write shell-scripts to be called by smbpasswd which
> directly change the entry in the /etc/passwd file but stopped this due
> to security considerations.
Well... it should be possible to do something like this in a secure way...

> To my opinion the only (sensible) solution to this problem is to include
> the support for the old password (%o) in smbpasswd. I know it's not done
> due to compatibility reasons but maybe it could be integrated as an
> option?
I guess this is not possible - at least if you want to be able to change
the passwords from the clients.

mfg, Florian Pflug

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