Synchonisation between NIS and encrypted SMBPASSWD

Rainer Hauck hauck at
Fri Dec 4 17:17:21 GMT 1998

>does somebody have a tool to convert a /etc/passwd to a smbpasswd with
>a valid Lan Manager and NT hash.
>or does anybody have a trick, how I can synchronise the /etc/passwd
with the
>smbpasswd without changing a unix passwd twice (passwd,smbpasswd).


that's exactly what I need aswell. The problem is that NIS-passwd
commands require the old password, even when called by root which is not
given by smbpasswd (you can use %o in your chat script but it never gets

We already tried to write shell-scripts to be called by smbpasswd which
directly change the entry in the /etc/passwd file but stopped this due
to security considerations.

To my opinion the only (sensible) solution to this problem is to include
the support for the old password (%o) in smbpasswd. I know it's not done
due to compatibility reasons but maybe it could be integrated as an


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