only one problem

Pmorales (Elqui) pmorales at
Fri Aug 28 16:04:12 GMT 1998

I create a shared directory in linux redhat v5.1 and y change the samba
configuration file for share this  directory for users in windows 95, i copy
an acces97 database that will accessed by the users through a visual basic
v5 program made by me, all the users are in the same area conected  via
twisted-pair cable and the most far computer is about 39 ft, in all cases i
don't think that my net have troubles, because it's work correctly from two
years, until here all are very good, the program works well, but when i
conect a remote computer located at 6 miles aproximately, samba work  well,
i can copy files from and to the server, but when i try to open the access97
database it say me "cannot lock the file", i can't open the access97
database in shared mode, i can only open it in exclusive mode.

i change the database open mode in the program to exclusive an work in a
remote computer, but the others users can't access  it.

can you tell me what can i do, please?

thank for all.

Pedro Morales Berríos
Laboratorio de Computación Ignacio Domeyko
Universidad de La Serena
ICQ 17513020

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