Remote announcing - Help!

Eric Sisler esisler at
Fri Aug 21 00:50:37 GMT 1998

Ed Sanborn <esanborn at> wrote:
>Now for the tricky part.  
>I want to move all of my computers to a new
>Class C network:
>I have the router setup with DNS working, etc.  I migrated one machine
>over to that network.  All works
>well except I now cannot see the Samba server.
>I have setup my remote announce definition as follows:
>   remote announce =

Looks like it should work and I know the man page says to announce to the
broadcast address, but try announcing to the network address instead =  I have a similar setup but the class C is subnetted and I
wound up announcing to the network address instead of the broadcast - works

If that doesn't help check your router config and make sure you're not
filtering (if you do so) out the packets/ports that samba needs - namely
TCP/UDP ports 137 (netbios-ns) 138 (netbios-dgm) and 139 (netbios-ssn).
Been there, done that too with a little overzealous network admin.

Good luck!

-Eric Sisler
esisler at

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