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On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Mac wrote:


> >While looking further into our load problems with Samba, and
> >specifically with logins, I bumped up our debug level to 10.
> >
> >This has me really worried:  in log.smb, I now see that *every other*
> >chdir logged is to *my* home directory.  Why?  It's not in the source,
> >that I can see.  It's not in smb.conf or in our logon script.  It looks
> >like each and every user that logs on "passes through" my home
> >directory!  This can't be right.
> What version of Samba?
1.9.18.p8, running under HPU 10.20 on 9000/887s.  No encrypted

> Samba (when not doing a specific file access), changes directroy to an
> 'idle' directory.

> The directroy Samba chose to 'idle' in was usually the startup directory
> (i.e. the current directory when Samba was started).  So if you started
> Samba (say using /etc/init.d/samba-start or some such) but happened to
> be sitting in your home directory at the time, then Samba will 'idle' in
> that directory.
You're the second respondent to state that.  I probably used sched to
start it (our homebrewed version of sudo) in my HOME.  I'll try it from
another (like /tmp).  Interestingly, nothing like this is showing up in
any of our other hosts, on which Samba was probably started from init.d.

> I seem to remember that one of the more recent fixes, was to change that
> to Samba 'idle'-ing in /tmp.  It might even be a compile time option.
That would be great.  I'll loook for it, now that I know what to look
for (okay- sort of know).

> So, don't panic.  It's normal bnehaviour, and you probaly started Samba
> from your Home Directory.  I'd guess you've not got 1.9.18p8 either.
Uh, no.  1.9.18p8 since it came out.  But thanks!

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