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Thu Aug 20 16:28:24 GMT 1998


>While looking further into our load problems with Samba, and
>specifically with logins, I bumped up our debug level to 10.
>This has me really worried:  in log.smb, I now see that *every other*
>chdir logged is to *my* home directory.  Why?  It's not in the source,
>that I can see.  It's not in smb.conf or in our logon script.  It looks
>like each and every user that logs on "passes through" my home
>directory!  This can't be right.

What version of Samba?

Samba (when not doing a specific file access), changes directroy to an
'idle' directory.

The directroy Samba chose to 'idle' in was usually the startup directory
(i.e. the current directory when Samba was started).  So if you started
Samba (say using /etc/init.d/samba-start or some such) but happened to
be sitting in your home directory at the time, then Samba will 'idle' in
that directory.

I seem to remember that one of the more recent fixes, was to change that
to Samba 'idle'-ing in /tmp.  It might even be a compile time option.

So, don't panic.  It's normal bnehaviour, and you probaly started Samba
from your Home Directory.  I'd guess you've not got 1.9.18p8 either.

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