Samba and NT browser problems

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Wed Aug 19 12:32:22 GMT 1998

You quoted MS support as sayinmg...
| Iam convinced that this problem is being caused by the Samba protocol
| running on several host systems and computer systems. I have in the
| past received events in NT stating that Samba was attempting to become
| the browse master. According to resources from Microsoft samba sends
| browser calls that are not compatible with NT, 

  Customer support jobs are a pain, so I always expect the 
  occasional off-hand reply (;-))

  Seriously, though, I'd ignore the mistake about ``the samba protocol''
  and concentrate on what his back office told him: incompatability
  between NT and Samba in the browsing stage.
  That's one of the possibilities.

  Another is NT dropping support for some of the older System
  Message Blocks: is this NT 5, prechance?

  The most common is the mixed-protocol fiasco described by
  John Terpstra: for some prefectly good reason, some NT machine
  has to run NETBlooie or Novell, wins a browser election and
  just doesn't provide information on TCP/IP...

Installing Samba in its own workgroup is a workaround for the latter.


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