NT domain

David Hazelton dave.hazelton at sanmina.com
Wed Aug 19 13:08:21 GMT 1998

Please excuse my ignorance in the NT realm.

We have a router between us and Corporate.  My local network 
does not have any NT in it, but Samba is running as it's own 
master Domain.  I can not see any of corporates NT boxes in 
network neighborhood.  I've been told I need this.  If I do a find on a 
computer it find's it but I can't login to it, it doesn't know what type 
of machine it is in the comment section.  I know I haven't told you 
much, but If I can be pointed in a general direction I can give you 
more information.

Dave.Hazelton at Sanmina.com
Sanmina - New England - Plant 9

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