Samba and NT browser problems

James Richardson james_m_richardson at
Tue Aug 18 17:43:48 GMT 1998


I am running Samba 1.9.16.p11 on 7 9.04 HP-UX servers
and 5 9.05 HP-UX workstations. Recently our NT administrator has been
receiving complaints from users complaining about network
neighborhoods loosing entries. 

He talked with resources at microsoft and received the following

	The helpdesk is continuing to receive calls about "Network
Neighborhood" not containing a populated list of network resources. I
am convinced that this problem is being caused by the Samba protocol
running on several host systems and computer systems. I have in the
past received events in NT stating that Samba was attempting to become
the browse master. According to resources from Microsoft samba sends
browser calls that are not compatible with NT, there solution is to
install Samba into it's own workgroup. The browse utility supplied
with NT Server resource kit shows evidence of an unknown browser
located on the domain system.

I have the following set in smb.conf:
wins server = Nodename of NT win server
domain controller = no
domain master = no
os level = 0
preferred master = no
wins support = no
browse list = no
security = server
password server = list of NT password servers


1. Have any of you experiences similar things?
2. If I move Samba into its own workgroup, do I have to validate all
logins? (I don't want users to have to keep track of yet another

I can post the entire smb.conf if it would help.

As always I will post a summary to the list.


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