Hiding WINS server

Shane Ramey shane at broadlink.com
Tue Aug 11 16:46:08 GMT 1998

I have samba set up on two routers across the internet and I would like
them to sync browse lists between the two. I have this working
correctly, but I can still see the netBIOS names of the routers in
Network Neighborhood on each of the clients. Here is my current setup:

( - [ router1 ] =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ router2 ] -
                                      \________ WINS server

router two knows that router1 is the wins server and the lists are
synced. I was wondering bascically, if there is any way for samba to not
announce itself, and only the other clients, or for samba to announce
itself as an illegal character that win95 machines would not see in
Network Neighborhood.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Shane Ramey
Systems Administrator
BroadLink Communications, Inc.

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