SAMBA digest 1775 - File Execution Problems

Adam Snodgrass support at
Wed Aug 12 16:18:30 GMT 1998

I have confirmed this on my system as well.  Is this a known problem that
will be corrected in a future version of samba?  Long file names are handy
things to have (:

Adam Snodgrass

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From: Alex Ardalich <alex at>
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Date: Tuesday, 11 August, 1998 23:17
Subject: Re: SAMBA digest 1775

>I have noticed it can depend on the share name or maybe the name of
>the directory it is in
>For example I have the two following shares...
>1.) General
>2.) StaffShare
> folders under this share have names like
> Alex_Ardalich
>If I put an app in 'Alex_Ardalich' I get something like a file not
>found errors.
>An app in a folder under the General share runs fine.

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