Problems with 1.9.18p8

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at
Wed Aug 12 16:13:43 GMT 1998

Having tried all the hints in DIAGNOSIS.txt, and having no success, and
being unable to decrypt the error codes (does anyone have a list of these?) I
send this to you all in the hope you can figure it out.

FYI: I'm running 1.9.18p8, upgraded from 1.9.16p9.  I got the exact same
errors on both versions.  I'm running debug level 5 to try and find some
clue to the problem.  I did have samba running fine, but I moved it across
machines and it no longer works, and nothing I do seems to help it at all.
The IP addresses haven't changed between machines, though, and just to be
sure I deleted the browse.dat and wins.dat files.

I choke on step 3 of the diagnosis.  I get the error "your server software
is being unfriendly".  OK, run testparm through again - no problems I can
detect.  There are no missing files or directories that I can discover -
everything specified in the Makefile and testparm output exists and is
accessable to root.  Just on that, a suggestion for next release - a debug
message to indicate is something can't be found.

The nmbd log file has an anomaly - every time nmbd says it's
sending a host announcement or broadcasting the browse list or whatever, it
lists the subnet as being (which is the IP of the server) with
the correct mask.  I've got interfaces = in smb.conf, and the
smbd log file says "Added interface ip = bcast ="
etc.  Would this apparent discrepancy between nmbd's subnet and smbd's bcast
addresses make a difference?

Anyway, onto less circumspect areas.  when I try "smbclient -L gateway" (or
smbclient -L for that matter) it says its adding the interface,
resolving the name, connecting to the right IP, connects, sends a session
request, then "Session request failed (0,0) with myname=GATEWAY
destname=GATEWAY", then "Unspecified error 0x0" then "Your server software
is being unfriendly" then it exits.  In the log file, we have such things as
"Serverzone = -36000", which I think is a bit queer, (the negative number is
what shakes me), there's a "netbios connect: name1=GATEWAY name2=GATEWAY",
then "Trying username gatewaY" (which I feel must provide some clue but for
the life of me I can't figure out what) and then "init msg_type 0x81
msg_flags=0x0".  Then comes a "recieve_smb error (Broken pipe) exiting".

Since the numbers involved mean nothing to me, I can only hand all the
relevant data over to the list and hope you all can make some sense of it.

If you need any more info, don't hesitate to let me know.  I'm willing to do
anything to get this thing going again.

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