Which IP adresses are registered when having mutliple interfaces

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at rm.sni.de
Thu Aug 6 18:25:33 GMT 1998


I'm running Samba 1.9.18p7 on a machine with two interfaces, so I configured:

    ; multiple interfaces
    interfaces =x.y.z.7/ a.b.c.d/
    ; paranoia setting: to be REALLY sure which host name samba uses as NETBIOS name
    netbios name = XYZ001

This one has to register with a WINS server on one of the nets, so I configured:

    ; be a WINS client
    wins support = no                                                             
    ; this on is the WINS server
    wins server = x.y.z.1

The machine is acting as some kind of firewall, so IP forwarding is switched off in the 

Today the people in network x.y reported they could no longer reach the samba server 
XYZ001, not even ping it. They all have their PCs configured to resolve names from WINS 
server x.y.z.1 and only use the name XYZ001 and never its IP address x.y.z.7.

Further investigations showed that WINS server x.y.z.1 "knew" XYZ001 to have IP address 
a.b.c.d and not the expected one (x.y.z.7). So somehow the WINS server learned the address 
of the secondary NIC which noone in network x.y is able to reach. The workaround was to 
make a static entry in the WINS server for XYZ001 with the correct IP address.

Does anyone has a clue where this situation could have been coming from? Until yet this 
samba server ran perfectly smooth ...

Which interface address does nmbd use to register with a WINS server when configured to be 
a WINS client? I have not been able to find something pointing me to a specific direction 
when browsing through the sources.


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