Disappearing directories

Sikes, Robert L. (Bob) sikesrob at pwfl.com
Thu Aug 6 16:30:12 GMT 1998

This is not a new problem for our site, but I thought I'd
ask and see if anyone knows the solution.

When using Windows NT (3.51 or 4.0) to browse a
UNIX directory through SAMBA, there are some files
or sub directories that are not visible.  This does 
not always happen.  That is, some days the files
will show up, and some days they will not.  However,
it does seem to be the same files or sub directories
each time they are missing.  

Also, it does not happen to all of my users, just
some of them.  I've checked everything I can think
of.  The files (or sub directories) are DOS compatible
names (8 by 3), the path is DOS compatible.  It is
not the files that would fall alphabetically at the end
of the list (so it is some "time-out" value).  It is
not UNIX permissions on the file...

Thanks for any help I can get

Bob Sikes
sikesrob at pwfl.com

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