Logging on to the network - one samba, two subnets

Gerard Hammond g.hammond at garvan.unsw.edu.au
Sat Aug 1 23:27:42 GMT 1998

>From: "Eddie Irvine" <eirvine at tpgi.com.au>
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>Subject: Logging on to the network - one samba, two subnets.

>I have Samba set up to serve W95 PCs. Kids "log in to the
>network" using their Unix password. Students get their
>Unix home dir mounted as network drive X: when login is
>This all happens on IP subnet
>We are thinking about adding another IP subnet - say
> Of course, the two subnets will be
>connected with a router. It is unlikely the router will
>be the machine running Samba.
>Will the new W95 machines in the new IP subnet
>(  be able to use the Samba
>Server on the old subnet ( ?
>Anything special I have to do?

We have a similar setup but our two subnets are actualy just multihomed
onto a single ethernet card at the router.

We find the Win95 domain logons work fine from either subnet, DNS works OK
from the SAMBA (Sol 2.3) box for all PC's, but the network Neighbourhood
doesn't show the win95's that aren't in the same subnet as our (master
browser list holder) SAMBA server.

We used remote announce = othersubnet/24 domain name

but at the moment the network neighb. still doens't work. You can still map
drives from the samba server even though you can't "see" it.

OVerall not a big problem. SAMBA 1.9.17p4


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