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Matthew Geier matthew at
Wed Apr 29 00:26:30 GMT 1998

> After stopping that still living nmbd and restarting it everything was
> fine again.
> It is perfectly possible that the link between subnet 160.18 and 160.19
> was broken at this moment caused by a leased line maintenance done by
> our line provider.
> What still irritates me that we lost responsiveness of nmbd: a later
> test showed that the nmbd process son is stable against SIGPIPE: the
> father just goes on and starts another son.

 I just reported a similar sounding nmbd problem to samba-bugs - I have
two 'remote' servers on different subnets acting as local browse masters.
The browse list syncing works fine. However if I lose the link (via router
crash or WAN outage), often nmbd locks up. The otherday our router failed and
I had nmbd in log level 3 at the time. nmbd stop responding at the point it
started to sync with the remote server. The child nmbd had died and didnt
 As far as I can see the remote server initiated a sync, and the link between
them dropped as the protocol exchange started. Our main nmbd process never
recovered. I killed it and restarted, and all was fine, but we have had a
number of link outages and this has happened nearly every time. Im not always
about when this happens, and no one can login untill I restart nmbd. People
who work late or on weekends are not happy when this happens.

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